The Best Camping Knives and Edge Hunting

Here at Edge Hunting, the idea of bringing a knife on your camping trip is as essential as your tent for a comfortable night ahead. And since we are into camping knives as well, we find it a necessity to showcase some of the Thegearhunt.

This is list may not be in keeping with what you have in mind when it comes to camping or hunting knives, but more often than not, their features could attest how useful and valuable they are in relation to your camping experience.

  • Cold Steel Jungle Machete – Now, these are heavy duty knives, but you can carry it on a belt. Suffice it to say, if you’re anticipating of doing a lot of chopping on your outdoor trip, this is the tool to use. Why need an axe for, when you can do it with Cold Steel Jungle Machete?
  • BKR Grasso Bolo II – This is a variation of a machete but with a twist, it features a “drop point blade design”, which makes your chopping quite easy. Grasso Bolos looked more like a kitchen knife, but they are more than capable of chopping anything in the wild.
  • Kershaw Camp 10 – This knife looks more like it came out of a military camp because of its design. These knives are quite long, measuring at least 16” inches. Although they are thin, these knives, nonetheless, can still do some heavy-duty chopping.

These are some of the best camping knives of 2017. There’s more knives, though, in our website, complete with their respective reviews, but these three mentioned are some of the most sought-after camping knives on the market.